Remote Learning - Staying Connected Online

While we are all being quarantined, the learning is continuing with teachers creating lesson plans from home and using technology to stay connected to students and families. As this is new territory for all of us, we appreciate the unity of our Christ Lutheran Family. It's not an easy time by any means, but we are making the best of it. Teachers are sending out daily assignments and schedules to keep students on track and provide structure for learning at home.  Classmates and teachers are meeting online through video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Classroom and other apps helping to keep things running as smooth as possible. 
How are we doing staying connected? Read some testimonials and enjoy photos from our different remote locations. Check back as we will continue to update with comments and photos until we are all back together again. 
"It’s been 2 weeks of remote learning here. It’s been going really well. Our teachers have been amazing, recording themselves (and one of them incorporated whole family into a reading of the Phantom Tollbooth) teaching lessons, reading devotionals to our kids, sharing bible verses relating to what we are experiencing and getting them to think about what they mean, frequent zoom calls with the class. The teachers are working so hard right now. Thankful for them. The boys are introverts so the quarantine has been manageable. They are a huge blessing to me, getting me to laugh at the simple things." 
- Elementary and Middle School Parent 
PTL Prayer Meeting
Parent Teacher League (PTL) Virtual Prayer Meeting
"Thank you so much for your cooperation. The Lord is so good and is with us through all of the change. We have an amazing support staff here and we want to make this transition as easy as possible for you."
- Erika McFarland, 4th Grade Teacher
"We are blessed to have the help and support of our Christ Lutheran Family.  I'm so proud of these amazing educators who have not skipped a beat, but jumped right in and figured out remote learning.  I am in awe of God's perfect timing to bring Christ Lutheran a new pastor. Pastor Cal has shown great leadership and a calm in the storm that we all need right now. I'm so happy to see technology being used for good to keep us connected, learning and streaming worship service online. We're in this together! Let's use this time to grow closer to the only hope we have: Jesus. "
- Samantha Fulton, Admissions Director 
"Hi! I just wanted to say that I am so appreciative of everything you are doing. The lesson videos, zoom meetings and your chipper demeanor have made this all so much easier for the kids. Sending the lesson plans the night before is so helpful. And you reminding people that structure is actually what keeps kids feeling safe. I've been going crazy seeing everyone on Facebook taking about letting go of structure bc kids are scared, when structure and as close to normalcy as we can give them is the best thing for their little souls. All that to say is I am so impressed with how you are handling this. You don' t even know what a blessing you are!"
- CLS Parent note to Dionne Sevy, 3rd Grade Teacher 
Missing Chapel? Miss Tammy has been creating bible time videos. See preschool website for more! 
"I'm super impressed with Mrs. McKenzie and her online learning. I feel it's very organized on Google Classroom and her daily teaching meetings are great! The kids get a chance to see each other and chat a bit and she goes over their lessons." 
- Middle School Parent 
Virtual Spirit Week! March 30- April 3 (photos to follow)