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Chromebook User Guide

Using a CLS Chromebook 

  1. Make sure the Chromebook is charged.  Once it is fully charged, it will hold its charge for most of the day. You can also be charging it as you are using it.
  2. Note that these Chromebooks are touch screen. You can also use the trackpad, or plug in a mouse.
  3. You will want to connect to your home wi-fi. On the bottom right of the screen, there is a small tool bar. Touch or click on it. You will see the wi-fi symbol; from here you can enter your home wi-fi network information.
  4. In this area, you can also change the volume and brightness of the screen.
  5. You will be prompted to sign in by entering your CLS GMail.  You will need your user name and password. *Note* These can ONLY be used with our domain.
  6. You will see a screen that says “All Set!”  Now click Get Started.  The Google Home screen now appears.
  7. You will see your initial in a circle at the upper right side of your screen - so you know it’s you!

Joining Google Classroom on a CLS Chromebook using a class code

  1. Also at the upper right corner you will see a small box that has 9 little circles.  This is called the App box. (Some teachers call it the Waffle!) This box takes you to the Google Apps.
  2. To join a Google Classroom, select Google Classroom from the waffle.
  3. You will see a plus sign that says “Join your first class!”  Click on the plus sign.
  4. Enter in the class code given to you by your teacher.  Remember, you will probably have more than one class. For example, you will have a class code for your teacher, and a class code for Computer.  So you will need to join all of them.
  5. Click Join, and you are set.

Please refer to the “Google Classroom Cheat Sheet for Students” for more information on navigating Google Classroom.

This can be found on the CLS website, and it was given to you during Classroom Visits.