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Kindergarten Online Classroom

Due to the many regulations that are ever-changing due to pandemic mandates, our school has been addressing all options as to how to best meet the needs of our students. What follows is a general summary of the current plan for Kindergarten, and it is based on best practices for young learners.


Best practices for younger children include less screen time due to what we know about the effects of technology on the developing brain of a child.  At Christ Lutheran, we will do what is considered to be developmentally appropriate and in the best interest of their learning needs.  We seek excellence and not expedience. At Christ Lutheran, we are seeking to do what is best for the developmental needs of students.


  • Kindergarten students will need to be online each school morning for the beginning of the day, which will start at 8:30. They should be dressed and ready to begin. Having a designated area at home for online classroom learning and for follow-up at-home work will support your child’s efforts to learn and grow.


  • Live instruction as a whole group and also in smaller groups will be provided online between 8:30 and 12:00 noon via Zoom. Students will not be sitting in front of the screen for that whole time. 
  • There will be breaks for snacks, physical activities, etc.   
  • Live-stream teaching will be for 1 - 1.5 hours in the morning cumulatively with time for follow-up work when not online, or work with smaller groups on Zoom.
  • We will have chapel live-streamed each week. This will be led by Pastor Cal.
  • Special classes such as PE, Music, and Computer classes will be provided once per week online in the afternoons on certain days of the week. (Exception: PE will be online on Thursdays, 11:30-12:00. The other classes will be in the afternoon.) *Schedule subject to change.
  • For Kindergarten, the afternoons will be used for rest, play, follow-up work with family to support morning instruction, and for Music and Computer class (once per week). *The amount of time online is structured differently than Grades 1-8. Those grade levels may continue to have instruction online (writer’s workshop, for example) in the afternoons, along with their PE, Spanish, Music, and Computer classes. Their online instructional time blocks are both in the AM and PM and the session times are scheduled in longer time blocks.
  • I will be available in the afternoons 1:1 for individualized instruction and conferencing as desired or needed for students and their families. On some days, we may have special projects/ online meetings that follow-up what we learned in the morning session.
  • Kindergarten students may also have the opportunity to come onsite for a meeting 1:1 or in a very small group once per week, subject to local health department guidelines in place at any given time.
  • Students will be given lesson packets each week. Pick-up and Drop-Off times will be established by the school.
  • Students will work on these packets, based on my online instruction. Parents will facilitate completion of this work.
  • Kindergarten students' work will primarily involve hands-on learning and actual work with paper, pencil, and manipulatives. The online component will serve to support their learning. 
  • Online games and lessons will serve to enrich instruction, and will not be the primary focus of their online screen time.
  • In addition, I will be sending home math manipulatives tool kits on loan, and will provide other tools to support learning from home. f a student does not have a technology device to support online instruction, one will be provided on loan from our school.
  • Parents and caregivers are essential partners in facilitating this learning plan. Eventually, we hope to return to the classroom for onsite instruction, once it is legally possible and safe to do so.

May our God of Hope fill you with His love, joy, peace, and wisdom as we partner together in supporting your child in all efforts to learn and grow in faith, wisdom, knowledge, love, and service to our Savior and others.

I thank the Lord and you for the blessing and privilege of serving as your child’s teacher this year and lift each of you up in my prayers with love and thanksgiving!


In Christ’s love and service,

Ms. Soon