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Middle School Online Classroom Handbook 

Welcome to the start of the new school year!

 This online classroom handbook contains information that will help your student succeed in the coming school year.  Please read over everything with your child and keep the attached form, as you may find it useful and helpful over the course of the year.

 We look forward to working with you as a partner in the Gospel and in your child’s education.  Please be sure to approach your child’s homeroom teacher with any questions you or your child may have regarding the policies of Christ Lutheran Middle School.  Together we can equip your child with knowledge, skills, character, and faith to become all God knows he/she can be. 

 With God’s blessing, we are going to have an exceptional year!

 5th- 8th Grade Teachers


Handbook for Online Classroom

Attendance: Students will be present and punctual for Zoom/Meet video classes, with their cameras turned on for the entirety of the class period. They must stay for the entire class unless the parent/guardian has notified the teacher via email or Google Classroom comment. Attendance is taken on a daily basis as well as for each class. If the student is not present in their homeroom online class daily at 8:45 AM, they will be marked tardy. It is important to be consistent with attendance because new content is covered daily and students may also complete some of their homework with the teacher. Parents, please check attendance on Gradelink and email teachers in advance of planned absences.


  • Students MUST have their camera/video on the entire time, so teachers can see that they are engaged and paying attention. 
  • Students should mute themselves upon entering Zoom or other video conferencing platforms for class and stay muted the entire meeting unless asked otherwise. 
  • Students need to be prepared by having all necessary supplies with them prior to the beginning of virtual classes. 
  • Students are expected to write all notes into their notebooks.
  • Chat is to be used only for asking or answering questions about class content.
  • Give your best effort and resist the temptation to cheat - Academic Integrity maintains your integrity and self-esteem. 

  • Here are some clear examples of what can be considered plagiarism and cheating:                   
    - Having a friend or parent help you on a test, even if the friend/parent just explains     words or questions to you.
    - Copying the words of another source (person or print) without putting those words in quotation marks.
    - Using the ideas of another source without giving credit to the source, even if you are using your own words.                   
    - Using books, websites, smartphones, notes, or assistance from other people on tests or quizzes unless your teacher has specifically stated outside material may be used.
    - Copying your assignments/tests (in part or in whole) and posting them on help websites like Yahoo Answer or Wiki Answers for assistance with the assignment.
    -Talking with others (family, friends, acquaintances, online help sites, etc.) during a test. 

Turning in Assignments: Students are required to download CamScanner-PDF Scanner App onto their cell phone or iPad if they are not using a chromebook. This is a free app that converts pictures into a PDF format that is easier to read. If your child signs in using their school Gmail account, the app can upload their pictures directly to Google Classroom from the phone when the picture is taken. (Explanations and video tutorials will be given during classroom visit)

Homework that isn’t created by opening a doc attached to the assignment, MUST be submitted in PDF format and attached to the Google Classroom assignment. An example of homework that is created by opening a doc attached to the assignment would be an English, Literature, Vocabulary, or other subject where there is a writing assignment, or an assignment that requires answering questions from a textbook. All math work, as well as other assignments that are completed in workbooks, need to be submitted in PDF format.

Grade Breakdown: 

Daily Homework:     30%

Tests and Projects:     30%

Quizzes:        30%

Online Participation:     10% 

  • Late assignments will be accepted but will have a 10% deduction for each day the assignment is late, up to a 50% deduction.

Suggestions for student success with remote learning:

  1. Check Google Classroom DAILY. Assignments will be posted by the end of the school day. Make sure you are turning in your assignments through Google Classroom in PDF-format if not created on the classroom assignment page. 
  2. Check email daily. Post your assignment questions on the classwork page where the assignment is posted as others will most likely have the same questions. Teachers or other students can answer all of the questions much faster that way.
  3. Try to keep the same schedule throughout the week. Get up and get dressed (free dress standards) every day. Keep a morning routine: Wake up 30 minutes prior to class and make sure to eat a good breakfast and prepare yourself for the learning day.
  4. Create a space in your home that is designated as a “LEARNING” spot. When you are in that spot, it is school time. Set a timer and stay in that spot working on ONE class. When the timer goes off, take a short break, and then set the timer again and work some more. 
  5. Make sure all of your materials (books, paper, etc.) are ready for class and in your designated learning space.
  6. Take time to catch up on missing assignments. Email teachers if you need more details or have questions regarding the assignment. You can also post a comment on Google Classroom or visit teachers during scheduled virtual office hours. 
  7. Be positive and patient with yourself and others as there will be challenges and frustrations so ask questions. Teachers understand directions will need to be repeated due to glitches, but please give your best effort to stay on task.

Parent Guardian Responsibilities: COMPUTER/INTERNET BACK-UP PLAN:

Students will not be excused from class unless an email is received from the parent notifying the teacher(s) of the technical issues they are experiencing. 

Beginning of School Year:

  • Parents will submit an email address to be entered into Gradelink to receive communications from the teacher. Upon request, parents’ emails can also be added to Google Classroom in order to receive assignment and student updates.
  • Parent orientation sessions will be held virtually before school begins, as well as one-on-one meetings with your homeroom teacher to review Google Classroom and other details of this academic year.
  • Parents can also visit the school’s website help desk for additional tutorials. For resources, go to, then click on “remote resources” to find assistance with Google classroom or to complete an IT help desk form for assistance with school issued equipment.

Responsibilities and Suggestions:

  • Check emails daily and respond as needed.
  • Check Gradelink and Google Classroom at least weekly for any incomplete assignments (set alerts)
  • Monitor student attendance in online classes 
  • Check in with students daily- look at work samples to check for completion
  • Monitor tests if possible - no online or book help (cheating) ACADEMIC INTEGRITY 
  • Monitor your student’s social media (emails, chats, texts) to make sure that it is positive. Please see the following paragraph from the student handbook:

Disrespect toward classmates and peers on campus or off campus, whether it is verbal, written, or through the use of social media, will not be tolerated. Inappropriate or obscene language, gestures, photos, graphic magazines, books, drawings, or social media content will not be tolerated. The type and severity of the offense will determine the consequence. Some infractions may warrant immediate suspension or expulsion depending on the severity of the infraction and pattern of behavior. The goal in all our behavior policies is to reveal the truth with love by providing consistent correction and restoration.                                    

All of these guidelines may sound daunting now, but once school begins and students get into the routine, everything will fall into place. We, as teachers, plan to spend time explaining and extending much grace the first weeks of school. Our desire is to help the students have an enriched and engaged educational experience where we ALL enjoy the learning process. Thank you for partnering together with us. 

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