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Welcome Military Families

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Eric & Teresa Fowler

2653 Grissom Drive

San Pedro, CA 90732-4821

May 20, 2016


RE:      An Open Letter to Military Parents Considering Entrusting their Child to Christ Lutheran School



Dear Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, or Coastguardsman,


My entire family is honored to offer our most sincere recommendation that Christ Lutheran School be your first choice for the education of your child. The school offers a remarkable learning environment; one of both character and compassion. Your family, not just your child, will benefit from this investment in their future.


My family entrusted our three children to the school, two in the Preschool and one in 3rd grade for the year the Army stationed us in California. After exhaustive research into the public and private school options available, Christ Lutheran School was the obvious choice for us. The school is fully accredited and achieves exceptionally high standards, while also maintaining very low teacher-student ratios. Our daughter transferred from a premiere school in Fairfax County, Virginia to find Christ Lutheran covering the same material. Our family returns to Fairfax County this summer, confident that our daughter will be well-prepared to re-integrate into their curriculum.


Our two smallest family members had experience in Preschool prior to arriving in California, but it was nothing like Christ Lutheran. Our two little ones love to be at the school and cry whenever we keep them away or pick them up early. The gentle structure applied by the teachers to an otherwise free-play environment keeps them continually learning without it “feeling like school.” It is a blessing to know that our children are as excited about being at school as we are having them there.


The most refreshing part of the school is how the teachers and administrators treat us as partners in our children’s education. They listen to us when we describe our children’s lives as full-fledged members of a military family and the challenges that lifestyle poses in some schools. They work with us when an opportunity to make lasting memories in this new place the Army sent may require more than a couple days of missing class. They rejoice with us when our kids make friends, pass a test, or make a breakthrough.


As a Christ-centered, child-focused educational environment, Christ Lutheran School will provide your child the best place to grow in knowledge, character, and faith. If you require any additional information, please contact me at [email protected]





Eric S. Fowler

Lieutenant Colonel, US Army