We believe that…in Kindergarten…

…all that we teach is designed to focus our students on the need to follow Jesus Christ through His Word, by His example, and in His love.

…children should learn to daily give thanks to God for all He has provided, to turn to Him in prayer with their concerns, to hear His Word in song and stories, and to be daily told of His unconditional love for them.

…children learn and develop at different rates according to their own internal timetables.

…children learn through all of their senses, so teachers need to use methods that teach to all of the senses: taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound.

…children learn best through actual experience, through movement, music, rhyme, repetition and humor.

…children need to learn the names and sounds of letters, and the names and real values of numbers to eventually enable them to understand the world around them and to communicate ideas.

…children need to be exposed to good literature daily.

…the classroom should provide a rich variety of experiences with artistic media, literature, science, social studies, and music to stimulate curiosity, increase knowledge and accommodate each child’s learning style.

…children love to learn when offerend encouragement and excitement for learning, and a happy Kindergarten year is the best foundation for future educational success.

…children who are self confident and feel good about themselves increase their enjoyment and ability to learn, and are good citizens and disciples