Mission & Goals

Christ Lutheran School is recognized for the quality of its educational program and its strong caring staff. Our goal is to help your child develop skills, knowledge, and values that will remain for life. Because of what God has done for us, we care about what children are taught. We want children to know how God, through His Word, helps us to see all subjects – all of life – as a response to His love for us. Therefore, we give special attention to positive, Christian, caring values which are modeled by teachers and reinforced by parents, and practiced by peers. Christ Lutheran School is accredited by the National Lutheran School Commission and the Western Association of Schools & Colleges.

CHRIST LUTHERAN SCHOOL GOALS:                                                       

Christ is ALIVE! 


þ Students read, write, and think critically
þ Students calculate with automatically and use problem solving skills
þ Students use the scientific method
þ Students use history and geography
to understand the world today
Life Skills
þ Students use time management and organizational skills daily
þ Students demonstrate physical fitness and good nutritional habits
þ Students use Christ-centered interpersonal skills to build consensus and work in effective teams
þ Students critically evaluate sources of information
þ Students actively put their faith into practice through worship and donations of time, talent, and treasure
þ Students are involved in their community and provide service with a servant’s heart
þ Students are active participants in their learning, establishing priorities and goals
þ Students are responsible leaders and community members
þ Students use the Bible as a road map for conflict resolution (Matthew 18)
þ Students demonstrate standards of excellence and positive personal values based on Biblical principles
Effective Communicators
þ Students use writing, oral presentations, and technology to communicate, persuade, and inform
þ Students can express their faith in the Gospel of Christ and help execute the Great Commission (Matthew 28)
þ Students use the arts to express themselves and interpret messages expressed by other artists