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Please Wait
"In the Waiting" September 16, 2020
"But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31  
"Please wait" is a hard thing for us to hear. It's something we haven't trained for. Living in a world of instant gratification this season of waiting has been very difficult. We have been conditioned to have it all... instantly. In the world of Amazon Prime and the constant message of "you deserve it" we have believed that the world revolves around us. And our kids feel it too. And now we wait. We are waiting for Zoom to connect... or re-connect. Or sitting and watching that spinning wheel that invokes all kinds of negative thoughts. We are waiting for the latest COVID news in hopes we are getting closer of returning to campus. This waiting and frustration with technology is more than we can handle at times. What's the lesson? We must be learning something in all of this, right? 
When we are forced to wait we have two choices. We can do it in frustration and complaining or we can allow God to do His work in us. Producing patience as we persevere through the difficult moments of this season we all hope ends soon! While we all desire to grow and move past the places we get "stuck" it's challenging to allow God to do the good work He has begun in us. Sometimes it's easier to see what the Lord is doing in someone else's life rather than our own. We tend to have "blind spots" in our lives that prevent us from really looking at what might be happening in our own heart and mind. So, maybe in these moments we can observe and encourage our children in this time of waiting. As we see their frustration level grow as they struggle with online schooling, we can know that God is up to something good in their lives. Allowing these moments to "train" them with the training we may have missed growing up in a different time. Maybe our kids will be able to walk through difficult things in the future because of the trails they face during COVID. Maybe the very things we wish away on their behalf is what God has called them to so they are prepared for what lies ahead. We don't know what the future will look like, but we know that God is always at work for our good and His glory. Let's wait on Him while we wait for this season to end.  
I talked with one of our new parents this week. She said it's been a struggle to have her daughters in their Online Classrooms, but she is so thankful to have them here at Christ Lutheran. A place where our teacher love Jesus and know they are called by God to train up the next generation for Christ through excellence in education. A place where we continue to focus on godly character with daily pray and devotionals and weekly chapel services on our Zoom calls. While things look different and we are not on campus, we remain committed to Christ centered education. May we all be able to have this perspective as we walk this out, knowing that Christ Lutheran is the best place for our children right now. A place that through the struggle we are a community full of grace and love as we support one another in the waiting. Knowing that in all of this, God is up to something good! 
- S Fulton