Meg Nosco Memorial Service - Feb. 12 at 11:00 am

 Dear Christ Lutheran Families-

We are mourning the passing of our beloved teacher and friend, Meg Nosco.

Over the past couple of weeks, our teachers have been talking with their students about Mrs. Nosco’s failing health and having moments in the classroom to pray for her. One of our teachers had her students recall their time in Mrs. Nosco’s classroom two years ago….

“We then went on to spend about 10 minutes remembering Kindergarten and Ms. Nosco. There were laughs and smiles as the children shared all their fond memories of eating rice, sailing on the Mayflower, eating goat cheese and olives while Mrs. Nosco was dressed up in a beard as Abraham, making gingerbread men, and all of the other amazing things she did with them. It was nice to focus on the good times and not feel so sad. I reminded the children that our lives are just a short blip in comparison to eternity and that they will get to spend forever with Mrs. Nosco in Heaven. We grieve as we miss her and her sweet hugs, but we rejoice that she is out of pain, cured of cancer, worshiping at the feet of Jesus.”
-Dionne Sevy, Second Grade.

The grief is heavy throughout our campus from the teachers who spent over 25 years teaching alongside Meg, to families who credit their children’s ability to read from their year in Meg’s Kindergarten class, to students who are learning how to walk through these difficult moments in life while trusting that God is preparing an eternal home for all of us and that Mrs. Nosco just got there before us.

Mrs. Nosco, you will forever be in our hearts. We can never thank you enough for your faithful service to Christ Lutheran.

The service celebrating Meg's life and ministry will be held this Monday, February 12th at 11:00 AM. A bereavement meal is to follow in the Church/School gymnasium.
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