Green Thumbs in 3rd and 4th Grade

After completing a Science unit on plants and life cycles, the third and fourth graders put their knowledge into action and planted a garden. This is a unique garden in that students started with 2-liter bottles that were prepped for planting with an opining cut in them and holes cut out too. The students laced a string through each bottle so that it could be hung on the fence out on the playground. Next, they filled their bottles with soil. The seeds were the next step in the process. Each student got to choose what kinds of seeds they would like to use. There were flower seeds, vegetable seeds, and seeds for growing herbs. After their seeds were planted in the soil, they watered the seeds. Finally, the students hung their bottle planters on the fence on the playground where they will get plenty of sun. The third and fourth graders are all anxiously awaiting the germination and growth of their plants! Thanks to all those who prepped the bottles and helped out on the day of the planting!
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