4th Graders bag poetry prize!

This Sunday, April 21st, Aynala Price and Luke Machan will recieve a plaque and $50 gift card to Urban Feet and Skate from the San Pedro Youth Coalition for their amazing poetry! They will join the other award recipients at the San Pedro YMCA at 2:00 PM. Way to go!!!

The Beetle Hero
By Luke Machan

A beetle was flying in the air.
It stopped and landed on the chair.
My cat jumped up to get the bug,
but then it flew onto the rug.
My sneaky cat, he stalked the beetle,
stuck out his claws, sharp as needles.
I loved the bug, so I was impressive-
leaped on the cat though it was aggressive.
My cat, he hissed and ran away.
The bug said, "I say, I say,
Thank you for savingme today."

lbs. of beat

By Ayanla Price

Music is the way I cry...lbs. of beat
Music is the way I dance...lbs of beat
Music is the way I laugh...lbs. of beat
Music is the way I move...lbs. of beat
Music is the way I breathe, my heart beats...lbs. of beat
Music is the way I live...lbs. of beat
Music is the way to love...lbs of beat
Music is my thing...Ayanla pounds her own beat
Music by Faith...lbs of beat
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