Luke Machan, Principal for a Day

I had a great time today. I was principal of the day. First, I had to lead the school in an assembly where we said the pledge to the flag and the cross. We talked about self control, the Revelation from God that we are studying this month. We prayed and sang My Country Tis of Thee and the Star Spangled Banner as a school. I also told everyone that our chapel offerings are going to Love Inc to pay for backpacks for children who can't afford school supplies. Then I folded school picture flyers and got them ready to deliver to the classrooms. I went to every class and put a note on the teacher's desk and wrote what I thought about what the kids were learning and how they were teaching. Afterwards, I went to McDonalds with Carly and Robert. We ate in the office and Mrs. Mayer was our chauffer. Then I came back and wrote on a calendar which days we can't have games so that the athletic director could take it to the meeting. After that, I got to sign some bills. I also got to lead a fire drill. I was nervous about doing it, but it was fun! I got to tell the grades what to do and it took them 3 mintues to complete it. I was impressed! It's awesome to be the principal, although it looks tough, it is easy and fun. This school is in top shape!
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