Salute to Veterans Event- November 10 at 8:35 am

Veterans’ Day “Wall of Honor”
In order to recognize U.S. military veterans as well as 
those currently serving our country.
It is a visual way to help our students realize how many adults 
in their lives have chosen to serve our country.
Please fill out a star in the lobby with the name and military 
branch of a veteran or service member that you know and tack 
up on the wall around the corner through November 10th. 
You are welcome to also tack up a photocopied picture
(no larger than 5x7) of your service member next to your star. 
Please, no originals, as school is not responsible for lost or damaged photos. 
You are also invited to attend a chapel service on 
Wednesday, November 10th at 8:35 a.m.
We will join together with our students and pray for 
our world, country, and military families. 
Any retired or active service members are invited to 
wear their uniform.
Students and staff will wear red, white, and blue.

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