Return to Campus Update As of July 22, 2020

Dear Christ Lutheran School Families,

“Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Romans 1:7)
Christ Lutheran is taking this opportunity to reach out to you with an update on our school’s
reopening for the fall. Recently, Governor Newsom announced that all schools (public and
private) in affected counties would not be allowed to open until certain COVID-19 thresholds
are met for two weeks.
However, there is a waiver that Christ Lutheran is applying for through the local County Board
of Health that would allow for grades K-8 to begin the year in person. Whether we receive this
waiver or not, we will offer an online option for families in K-8. It is unknown how long it will
take for a decision to be reached on the waiver.
If Christ Lutheran’s request for the waiver is not granted, and Los Angeles County does not
meet the required state thresholds by August 27th, 2020, Christ will offer a completely online
education for K-8. Once all of the state thresholds have been satisfied; we would fully reopen
within a few days for in person education as well as offering the online option for those who
still want it.
Teachers have been working hard over the summer to create an unmatched online experience
whether we all must be online or a family chooses it. Christ Lutheran is also working on
purchasing devices for all students that will be loaned to families once the school year begins.
We have also included a frequently asked questions page along with this letter to help you have
a more complete understanding of what Christ Lutheran is doing to ensure that your student(s)
will be safe and well cared for should we be allowed to meet in person in September.
If you would like the online option regardless or if you are choosing to continue your education
elsewhere, please let us know by July 31stso that we can prepare classrooms for social
distancing. Please send your responses to
Thank you for your continued prayers and patience as we work through these uncertain times.
You may contact me at if you have further questions.
See attached letter for Q&A 
In His Service,
Scott Ferguson
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