New Classroom Furniture with Flexible Seating Options

Do you have school memories of sitting passively in rigid rows of desks according to a fixed seating chart — for the whole school year?? That’s sooo old school, and Christ Lutheran School has a completely different outlook on education for today’s students.

At Christ Lutheran School, all grades received new colorful and mobile furniture this year. Each teacher was able to choose the items that best suited the students in that class. Desks are on wheels so they can be arranged for individual or group projects. Or they can be moved aside to form a large performance space in the middle of the room. Some chairs have wheels, some are in different colors to facilitate grouping, some allow comfortable positioning in which the flexible chair back can rest against the student’s back, side or stomach. In some classrooms the children can choose non-traditional seating such as stability balls, bean bags or stools. In other classrooms, personal storage is provided under the chairs.

The results are amazing! A subtle new energy is noticeable when entering the classrooms as the creativity and flexibility of the seating has contributed to creative thinking and cooperative learning. Studies have shown that students are more productive when they are comfortable and can move, and our teachers enthusiastically agree. The children adapted quickly to the variety of seating arrangements and discovered an extra benefit — pairing up with a variety of students makes new friends instead of forming cliques. The teachers are taking advantage of these new options to engage their classes and the students are flourishing.

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