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Charger Sports Registration -Boys Soccer/Girls Volleyball

Student Information



Athlete’s Responsibilities 

  • Be on time for practices and games
  • Wear proper attire (inc. knee pads, shin guards, etc.
  • Represent your school and faith by having great sportsmanship.
  • Maintain good grades and study habits.
  • Serve any detention before coming to games or practice.
  • Give all flyers and schedules to your parents.
  • Respect your coach and other players.
  • Take good care of your uniform and return it. 

Parent’s Responsibilities 

  • Cheer positively for your child and team.
  • Support your child’s coach.
  • Make sure your athlete gets enough rest and proper nutrition.
  • Pick up your child promptly from practices and games.  Any child who has not been picked up 15 minutes after an event will be taken to School Age Care.  You will be responsible for any SAC costs.
  • Make sure uniforms are returned at the end of the season in good condition or pay the $50 replacement fee.
  • Offer to drive to away games if it fits into your schedule.

Coach’s Responsibilities 

  • Clearly communicate with the office, athletes, and parents regarding games and policies.
  • Teach skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship to all athletes.
  • Arrange for transportation to all away games.  Fill out a carpool form for each car and make sure all drivers have a volunteer driver form on file in the office.
  • Communicate in a timely fashion with the League regarding game scores and tournaments.
  • Supervise athlete pick-up after events for no longer than 15 minutes.  Escort all late pick-ups to School Age Care.

CLCS asks for a $65 sports participation fee.  Please sign below and get your teacher’s signature then fill out the Emergency Information on the back of this form and return along with the $65 fee to the school office.